The importance of this facet of the printing process cannot be overstated.

Artproof’s pre-press section has many tools to ensure the correct reproduction of corporate colours, illustrations and images that appear in the supplied artwork or PDFs.

Everyone has a horror story of supplying artwork that looked perfectly fine on their screen only to find when it comes back from the printer that the quality is substandard with dark pictures, incorrect colour and generally flat reproduction.

There are many technical reasons why this happens and we are on the lookout for all of them on every piece of artwork we receive.

We take particular care with the pictures in the supplied PDFs (especially digital images) as they may need to be enhanced for printing.

We guarantee to never print a sub-standard pixelated photo without either fixing it or giving you the option to replace it.

We will supply digital colour proofs where possible to give you an accurate indication of what your job will look like when completed.